Best Kratom Vendors: Top 5 Best Place To Buy Kratom Online

Kratom is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover the different types of positive emotional effects it’s responsible use can bring. But it can be difficult to find the best Kratom vendors.

Finding high-quality Kratom for sale online at a decent price is a minefield. There are so many issues with quality, and unless you going to try orders from several sellers to find the best, it can really help to get a nod from somebody who’s done that work for you.

So through the practical experience of my own purchasing, mixed with online research of user reviews to back up my own findings, I’ve put together this quick and easy guide to understanding what to look for in a potential Kratom seller, and the issues that can be avoided.

On top of that, I’m going to recommend my top three retailers, who are offering amazing quality Kratom for sale online at fair prices right now.

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What Makes The Best Kratom Vendors?

When you are spending hard earned money, you obviously want to buy Kratom that will have the desired effect. This means getting Kratom that is high-quality.

The bottom line here is that the best Kratom vendors are not the cheapest. They are the people who are importing high quality product, and selling it in that original pure form.

Poor quality Sellers may offer a low price, but often the Kratom they sell is sub-standard because:

  • It is produced poorly for export (not dried properly, immature plants)
  • They make it sub-standard by mixing it with other herbs
  • It is from non-sustainable sources which benefits nobody

Although you will get some of the effects, it’s basically going to be a garbage product. If you don’t know any different then you’ll just come to the conclusion that the hype around using Kratom is just that.

But I’m telling you that if you spend that little bit of extra money to get high quality product from a great seller you and your friends will have amazing experiences.

best kratom online

Where Is Kratom Illegal

Despite the growin number of trusted kratom vendors and the proven benefits of kratom, both uplifting and sedative, kratom is illegal in several countries. Kratom is illegal in these countries, despite the evidence that no deaths have been linked solely to use kratom anywhere.

The countries that kratom is illegal in, meaning you can’t sell or buy kratom online, and it’s illegal to possess it for consuming, are: 

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Latvia, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is mostly illegal in the United States, with the exceptions of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee Vermont, Wisconsin and District of Columbia. 

So with these few exceptions, where kratom is illegal, kratom is perfectly legal to buy and use in most areas of the world right now.

Tips To Find High Quality Kratom For Sale Online

To find the best quality Kratom for sale, you are going to need to look for several key things, and this might mean looking at Kratom vendor reviews, or contacting the company to ask key questions: 

  1. Is the Kratom powder pure and uncut with other ingredients?
  2. Has the Kratom been dried properly? If it hasn’t, then it will be poor quality. Drying Kratom correctly will protect the alkaloids better and be more powerful.
  3. Look for an online store that has a high quality website, a good track record of customer service through user reviews and taking into consideration their time in business.
  4. A professional Kratom vendor will be happy to provide a fast and efficient returns and moneyback guarantee. If they are confident about the quality of their product, then that means you can be.
  5. They will get their wholesale Kratom from sustainable sources. This is important for the future, but also because the farmers harvesting the plants are more likely to care enough to produce high quality Kratom. 

Kratom Vendor Reviews:  My Top 5 Kratom Sellers

  1. Coastline Kratom

This is my number one best Kratom vendor. It’s my “go to” best place to buy Kratom online, and I’m so glad I discovered these guys.

Quality matters and this company offer exceptional Kratom powder and even live plants. It’s this passion and attention to detail, plus the excellent service and answers to some questions had from these guys that make them my number one.

They offer combination packs so that you can experiment with different types and strengths, which is how I first started on my journey.

What makes them special, is that they offer:

  • High quality Kratom, covering all the major types and colors
  • 100% percent money back guarantee
  • Fast 24 hour US shipping
  • Passionate family team
  • Free shipping on orders over $75

What also makes them the best kratom vendor, my number 1 to trust is that they are very active on Facebook. There were loads of questions answered, they are marked on their Facebook page as typically responding to messages within a few hours, and they also have more than 50 positive reviews like this:

“Their shipping and products are outstanding! I have never been disappointed with this company or the items they sell. If I was, then I would not be a repeat customer. Their item descriptions are spot on and their prices are, in my opinion, the best in the industry for the simple reason that their products quality meets or exceeds my expectations.” 

kratom vendor reviews

  1. PurKratom

My number two online store in my top three Kratom vendor reviews is PurKratom, also based in the USA.

They also offer very good quality powder, and they also sell Kratom capsules at a good price as well if you’re looking for ultimate convenience.

They are my number twoonline store because they:

  • Offer top grade Kratom at good prices
  • Only buy wholesale from sustainable sources
  • Offer a 30 day, full satisfaction moneyback guarantee
  • Have a loyalty scheme offering you a % future orders
  • Fast 24-hour US shipping

They sell huge range of unique kratom capsules: Green Kapuas, yellow vein, premium bali, gold vein, super green indo, red kapus and more! If you looking to buy kratom capsules, Purkratom is highly recommended.


Really good quality, domestically shipped kratom, is actually harder to find than many people realize But I’ve ordered from four times now, and each time the quality of the kratom that has arrived has been incredible.

What I really love about this company is that if you are not happy, and send back at least 75% of what you purchase, you trigger a 100% moneyback guarantee. So unlike some companies, who won’t give you a refund unless the packages are unopened, you can actually try this kratom and if it’s not good, you can send it back.

They sell the full range of kratom. But unusually, they also sell super enhanced kratom. They sell five blends of this, which are incredibly strong, and definitely not for beginners. The pick of the bunch is their 50x strength extract kratom. If you are an experienced kratom user, who wants the best bang for your buck, then this super concentrated kratom is perfect.

For beginners, do something a lot of companies don’t do, and I think they miss out on long-term customers because of this, they sell trial packs.

For just $49, you can get a variety pack that contains samples of all seven major strains of kratom. This means you can try the different types, mix them, and feel different effects, without a major financial investment.

So if you are looking for a trusted kratom vendor, great quality kratom powder, the chance to test every strain cheaply, and experience rapid delivery plus a proper moneyback guarantee, and these guys really are the real deal, and with personal experience of them, they are one of the best kratom vendors out there, I can thoroughly recommend them. reviews


Trust is important when buying kratom online, especially if you are just beginning your journey into experimenting with it. Which is why so many new kratom users find the experience with to be overwhelmingly good.

Their website is fantastic quality, backed up with full support, contact choices, and the other usual website options. It really is a thoroughly well-designed website, which will help the beginner.

On top of that, the kratom they sell is vast, in terms of the bewildering range of options available, all at great prices.

They sell kratom capsules in 500 mg, 1000 mg, and variety packs. This is a fantastic way to get measured dose, and a variety pack capsules is the perfect starting point for a beginner.

Krabot also sell some very unique kratom strains such as:

  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Red Bentuangine
  • Red Sunda
  • White Jongkong and many more!

They do only serve domestic customers, so you can’t get international service, but they do ship out using 1-3 day USPS domestically. If you check out some kratom vendor reviews, you will see they are always top rated. So if you’re looking for great starting point, that may not be the cheapest out there, but is certainly high-quality kratom, then is well worth a look.

Krabot review

  1. Salvia Extract

Although primarily these guys sell high quality Salvia Divinorum, they do also sell top grade Kratom extract and capsules.

They been around a long time and are definitely a trusted seller. They offer money back guarantee and fast shipping, and it’s only because they offer less of a range of Kratom that they are coming in to my list in second place.

The key reasons they are in my list of the best Kratom vendors are:

  • Fast US shipping
  • Moneyback guarantee (although slightly more convoluted than the other two sellers)
  • Good quality dried Kratom powder
  • Also offer Kratom capsules

I actually ordered from these guys a few weeks ago. I got some Salvia extract and some Maeng Da Kratom capsules. The quality of both is excellent.

best kratom vendors

Conclusion: The Top 5 Best Kratom Vendors are:

best kratom vendors

    1. Coastline Kratom:They sell the highest quality Kratom online. Bali, Borneo,Malay, Maeng Da and even Kratom plants are available. Fast& free shipping and money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
    2. PurKratom: They offer the best quality Kratom Capsules online for the best price. Purkratom is one of the best and cheapest Kratom Vendor online.
    3. Great quality kratom, I highly recommend their full spectrum 50x Kratom Extract!
    4. Krabot: They sell some very unique strains and kratom blends, you wont find these elsewhere.
    5. Salvia Extract: Beside Kratom powder and capsules they sell very high quality Salvia Divinorum and other herbs. Fast 24 hours shipping.

You Deserve To Get The Best Kratom Experience

When it comes to buying things like Kratom online it can be a minefield. Things may look well packaged, the website might look good, and the reviews might seem wonderful, but there’s a chance that it’s all just marketing.

What counts is the basics. Fast delivery, good customer service, the confidence of getting your money back fast, and having high quality Kratom powder that produces that lush high, or confident chill that you are looking for.

But don’t take my word for it, when they are offering cheap combo packs, there really is no reason to not least do a trial Kratom order right now.

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