Does Wegmans Hair Drug Test?

Although Wegmans Food Markets are relatively small company, with only 100 stores in the USA, they have been rated as the second best company to work for in Fortune’s annual award.

So it’s no wonder that so many people are wanting to work for them, and wondering: does Wegmans drug test?

Well, the answer to that might surprise you, and could catch you out.

So let’s look at if, when, and how Wegmans drug test, especially during the hiring process.

The Wegmans Hiring Process

The Wegmans hiring process is pretty standard. You will usually have a telephone interview, followed by a face-to-face interview.

If they like you enough to offer you the position, on acceptance, you will be given a drug testing lab facility to attend. It’s up to you to organize a time, or to agree to an allocated time, usually within 48 hours.

Background checking will also take place at the same time. Only if you pass both with you be taken on as a Wegmans employee.

When Does Wegmans Drug Test?

Wegmans drug test after you have been offered the position. This seems pretty straightforward, unlike some other employers.

You hear conflicting evidence about being asked to go for a drug test at the end of the interview, or during orientation, or not at all.

But through people I know, and online questions and answers, there is a consistency which states that Wegmans undoubtedly drug tests the way I have just explained.

wegmans hair drug test

The Wegmans Hair Follicle Drug Test

So the good news is that you know when you going to be asked to take a Wegmans drug test.

However, the bad news is that Wegmans hair follicle drug test.

A hair follicle drug test is when you will have a hair sample taken from your head, or another part of your body if you are bald.

They will take the length of hair that is long enough to account for just the previous three months history. You see, your hair grows at a certain rate, which means by collecting a certain length sample, they can test an exact amount of time.

Legally, the standard testing length, the only testing length they can do, is three months drug history.

How To Pass A Wegmans Hair Follicle Drug Test

Before I tell you how to pass a Wegmans hair follicle drug test, let’s just explain how you can’t.

Some idiots go to the lengths of shaving their head before going for a drug test. Now obviously this is a huge red flag that they will report back to employer anyway.

Also, they can take a hair sample from another part of the body.

You should also be aware that they take the length closest to the roots. But it takes about five days for hair to grow out of the root.

So if you haven’t smoked for months, but you have in the past couple of days, you will be fine and you’ll be able to pass a hair follicle drug test.

There are two possible ways you can pass a Wegmans hair follicle drug test.

Both of these ways are invasive, time-consuming and expensive. The reason for this is that the toxins are underneath the top layer of the hair strand. You have to open up the strand of hair, flush out the toxins contained within it, and then close up the top layer of the strand of hair.

drug test shampoos

The first method is called the Jerry G method. It’s invasive, and a bit unsafe because of the ammonia used, which can ruin your hair.

But it is cheap, and it can work to pass a drug test. You can read more about the exact Jerry G method by clicking on the link.

The second, and most effective, way of stripping out the toxins from your hair so you can pass a Wegmans hair follicle drug test, is called the Macujo method.

It involves using a range of household products and specialist detox shampoos in a certain order. It will open up the scales which form the top layer of a hair shaft. It will then flush out the toxins attached to the inner part of the hair shaft.

Once you’ve flushed out the toxins, it will then close up the hair shaft and condition the hair.

But you will have to do the Macujo method more than once, preferably daily for the few days leading up to the hair follicle drug test, just to make sure.

To Wegmans hair follicle drug test, check out my detailed Macujo method review. If you have only a day or two check my article on how to pass a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours.

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