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As if moderating the marijuana forums doesn’t eat up into most of my time already, I am starting to receive questions about clearing nicotine tests on Facebook as well. The other day, an old school mate popped out of the woodwork after years and asked me how to pass a nicotine test.

One of the reasons why there’s so much of smoke about nicotine tests is because they are not as frequently used as say, a marijuana test. As a result, very little is written or known about it. There are only a bunch of companies in the US who do a nicotine test along with the other drug tests in a pre-employment screening. It is a mandatory part of life insurance screenings though.

Irrespective of why you want to know how to get nicotine out of your system, here’s the lowdown on it.

What Are Nicotine Tests?

Well, as if the name wasn’t self explanatory, a nicotine test is performed to detect nicotine in your blood, saliva, hair or urine. When you ingest tobacco in any form (the commonest being smoking), nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and it is broken down into a chemical compound called cotinine, in both, the lungs as well as the liver. Most lab tests are performed to detect traces of cotinine in your body because the actual nicotine is flushed out a lot faster from your system.

The amount of time that cotinine remains in your body depends on a lot of factors. At the forefront is the duration for which you have been smoking and also the quantity of cigarettes that you have smoked in that duration. cotinine tests can also detect traces if you have used smokeless cigarettes like e-cigs or vaping devices.

When Are Nicotine Tests Used

As I said before, there are very few companies that perform a nicotine test as part of the pre-employment screening. When you apply for life insurance or even health insurance, then you may be asked to undergo a nicotine screening failing which, you may have to cough up a higher premium.

How to pass a nicotine test

How Long Does Nicotine Stay In Your System

To know how to get nicotine out of your system, it is important to know the four ways in which a laboratory will be able to detect it in your body. An employer or an insurance company may use one or a combination of all three methods to detect traces of cotinine in your body.

Nicotine urine test

The cheapest and one of the common methods of nicotine detection is a urine test. You may be asked to submit a urine sample at the lab or you may even be asked to pee in a bottle in the presence of a lab attendant (supervised test). A urine test for nicotine usually is able to detect traces of nicotine for up to 4 days after cessation of smoking. The time period extends up to 15 days for chronic smokers.

But what if you have less time? How to pass a nicotine urine test in 24 hours? I will come to it in a bit.

How long does cotinine stay in your blood?

Of all the types of nicotine tests, the blood test for nicotine is the most accurate. A lab may test for levels of nicotine or cotinine, absence of these compounds in the blood or absolute levels of some of the toxin byproducts of nicotine. If you stop smoking, then you can remove all traces within 3-4 days if you are a casual smoker, you can add a few more days if you are a chronic smoker.

cotinine however, can be detected in the blood for up to 10 days after stopping smoking.


The Saliva test is the most sensitive one for cotinine detection. Traces of cotinine can be found for up to 4 days for casual smokers and 7 days for chronic smokers.


Nicotine can stay in your hair up to 90 days.

How long does cotinine stay in your blood

How To Get Nicotine Out Of Your System Completely

The first and easiest technique is to stop smoking. I am not talking about progressive reduction in the number of cigarettes either. Just go cold turkey as soon as you know that there’s going to be a test. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy

The next step is to flush nicotine and cotinine out of your system completely with a detox pill. It is called Toxin Rid (detailed review here) and it is incredibly effective in removing traces of nicotine and THC (metabolite of Marijuana) from your system. Toxin rid is the best nicotine detox available, it cleanse your urine and blood as well.

They have 1 to 10 day detox programs and you should choose the most appropriate one depending on how much cigarettes you have smoked and how much time you have. It also depends on your bodyweight because traces of cotinine can be found in body fat. If you are above 200 lbs and smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, then go for the 7 day detox program with Toxin Rid. Probably 5 days should be enough to get clean, but if you want to be 100% safe, choose the longer option.

It’s not just a nicotine detox, it’s going to flush all toxins out from your system (including drugs).

Toxin Rid detox pills

I was asked to undergo a urinalysis for nicotine last year and I wanted to pass this one badly. As I had never used Toxin Rid for nicotine earlier, I called up the company to confirm whether it works for nicotine. The company confirmed that it does. I did their 7 day program and it worked like a charm! However if you are in a hurry or just don’t want to go through a 7 days detox, there is one more way to cheat a nicotine test.

How To Pass A Nicotine Urine Test In 24 Hours

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to pass a nicotine test is using a nicotine cleansing drink.  A good quality detox drink like Mega CleanUltra Eliminex or Rescue Cleanse will flush out all the toxins from your bladder and urinary tract, giving you a window period of about five hours during which you will submit a nicotine free urine sample. For more info about detox drinks, click here.

Clearing a saliva test for Nicotine

Since a mouth swab or a saliva test is considered to be the most sensitive for traces of cotinine, you have to ensure that all traces of the metabolite are neutralized. There are two options:

Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing gumIt’s a special capsule, you chew it for about half minute, swallow or spit out what’s left, and your saliva will be free of toxins for about 30 minutes. It is recommended to use it right before entering the testing facility. You can read my detailed review here.

Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum

Special Mouthwashes

These spcieal mouth wash products are designed to target nicotine and other toxins in saliva, flushing them away, to give you a clean oral swab for up to thirty minutes after using them.These tiny bottle fits into your pocket and all that you need to do is swish it around for a couple of seconds. There are a couple of brands on the market, I highly recommend Ultra Klean Ultra Wash. You can read my detailed review and step by step instructions here.

Nicotine Hair Test

Hair drug tests are the hardest to pass. It requires a lot of preparation and detox shampoos are quite pricey, BUT with the right method its possible to pass a hair follicle test, even for heavy smokers.

There are two ways (shaving your hair off doesn’t work!):

The Macujo and the Jerry G method. Macujo method costs more money, but it’s the best method with very high succes rate. For detailed info, check out my Macujo method review. Jerry G can also work, but it’s success rate is much lower and and it might damage your hair permanently.

To Sum it Up, The Best Ways To Cheat A Nicotine Test Are:

how to pass a nicotine urine test

  • Urine: Toxin Rid detox pills if you want to get clean permanently or cleansing drinks, such as: Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex and Rescue Cleanse, if you are in a hurry and just want to pass your test asap.
  • Blood: Toxin Rid or similar high quality detox pills.
  • Saliva: Oral clear salia neautralizing gum, Toxin Wash or Ultra Keen mouthwashes.
  • Hair: The Macujo or the Jerry Go method, both method requires a couple of days.
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